Do You Know Your Biological Age?

How previous area unit you? If individuals inquire from US that question, we tend to tell them our age in years. however what we should always be deciding is simply however previous our bodies area unit, or what their biological age is. you may be stunned to seek out out that almost all of the time, it’s not an equivalent age we tend to area unit.

Chronological Age vs Biological Age

Our bodies have 2 completely different ages: age and also the biological age. The age refers to however long we’ve really been alive or our age in term of years, however biological age refers to however previous our bodies appear.

There is a really easy method by that you’ll be able to realize your biological age, and you’ll be able to have a go at it right at home!

Test Your Biological Age

This is a straightforward check, supported flexibility which will tell wherever your body lies relative to your age. First, do some light-weight stretching exercises to induce your body prepared.

Now stand together with your feet along, then bend to most and see however so much you’ll be able to reach down together with your hands. If keeping your legs straight is simply too uncomfortable, permit a small bend. memorise however so much you bought and compare it to the check results.

If you could…

Touch the bottom together with your hands whereas keeping your legs straight, your muscles area unit relaxed and your body is as versatile as a median 20-25-year-old person.

Touch the bottom together with your fingertips, either with straight legs or with a small bend in your knees. If you are feeling very little to no discomfort, your muscle flexibility is on-par with somebody United Nations agency is between 35-38 years previous.

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