DIY Nail Growth Serum

This direction uses burn plant gel, castor oil, vitamin E, and garlic. every and each one in all these ingredients square measure scientifically tried to market nail growth, strengthen nails, and hydrate cuticles.

DIY Nail Growth blood serum Recipe:


1/2 tsp burn plant gel
1/2 tsp purgative (if you don’t have purgative, you’ll be able to conjointly use
coconut oil or olive oil)
1 E capsule
a garlic


In a clean jar or pot, combine burn plant gel, castor oil, and also the E capsule.
Mix along till well combined.
In a kitchen appliance, add your garlic.
Rub the garlic paste directly onto clean, cosmetics free nails.
Massage it into the nail beds in slow, circular motions and leave on for ten minutes.
Wash off, and pat dry.
Now apply the oil blood serum that you simply created earlier onto your nails.
Massage slowly into the cuticles.
Leave on long or for one or two of hours.
Use the garlic paste onto your nails once per week, however DO apply the oil nightly before bed.
Within just two weeks, you’ll notice an enormous distinction within the health of your nails, stronger nails, and longer nails too!

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